Shipping Policy

We ship to the United States and Canada, to guarantee our buyer’s safety, reliability, and timely deliveries the orders will ship two (2) business days after being placed. 

Note: Holidays may cause an additional one (1) to two (2) business day delay in shipping. The customer must enter a complete address, including main street, secondary street, numbering or reference, and zip code. If all the data for dispatch is not found, the product cannot be sent in the defined time. 

Deliveries are not made on an exact schedule. They are processed during the day during working hours. For deliveries, it is considered that if the Buyer is not at the address, will make up to two additional delivery; If the carrier does not get an answer, the product will be shipped to the nearest carrier’s office. Your orders may be shipped directly from our office in Latin America via FedEx, or from our merchandise stored in Amazon’s warehouses; all FedEx shipments will be shipped with two-day Priority Delivery; Amazon shipments will depend directly on Amazon FBA’s shipping policies.  

In case the Buyer sees any change in the packaging or the condition of the product upon receipt of the order, the client should write it in the comments field on the shipping guide and take pictures; then contact us at our customer service line at +1 (979) 7304026 or via email at If you are unable to receive your order, please call our customer service line at +1 (979) 7304026 for assistance.

Order And Shipment

After placing an order, you will receive an order confirmation via email and a second update once your order has shipped with your tracking number.

If you don’t see your order or confirmation email, be sure to check the spelling of your email address and your spam folder. You can also log in to your YelloWell account and visit the Order History tab to view your order status at any time.